32 Firings

Recently our ballistician had some extra time in his schedule, and asked what he should work on next. We said, “Just for the heck of it, see how many times you can fire our .308s before you experience failure.” So that’s what he set out to do.

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Peterson Cartridge Announces Wide-Scale Availability of Match-Grade Brass Cases; Hires Industry Veteran to Lead Business Development

(October 3, 2016) Peterson Cartridge today announced the wide-scale availability of its first casing calibers: .338 Lapua Magnum; .308 PALMA; .260 Remington; and .308 Winchester. In addition, Joe Coury has been named director of development for the company and will be responsible for building relationships with OEM customers, cultivating strategic alliances with industry partners and setting the overall sales and marketing strategy.

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