Match-Grade Brass Rifle Casings

Crafted and tested using the finest raw materials, manufacturing machinery, and inspection equipment available.

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.308 Winchester Brass Rifle Casing for Reloaders

.308 Winchester Match-Grade Casing

Top Quality Brass

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.260 Remington Brass Rifle Casing for Reloaders

.260 Remington Brass Casing

Precision Crafted Casing

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.338 Lapua Magnum Brass Casing for Reloaders

.338 Lapua Magnum Brass Casing

Thoroughly Tested And Proven

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Peterson Brass Rifle Casings for Reloaders

Peterson Brass Casing Line

One Of The Best In Match-Grade Brass

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  • " I am a retired Metallurgical Engineer with 30 years of quality assurance experience in the metals industry; dealing multiple industries from automotive, containers, defense, nuclear and oil and gas all of which have their own specific but critical requirements. One requirement is common to all, and that is consistency. What I saw today is a company and operation that not only understands this but actually lives it as a core philosophical and practical value, from the front door to shipping. The commitment to a slower and more precise manufacturing process with new precision equipment, extensive in-process production control and testing, final product inspection and packaging are all dedicated to achieving that goal. The in house lab is clean, well equipped and organized to deliver quality information about the process and product, another commitment to consistency. All the tools to make the most consistent product are there, but there is one more component in any manufacturing process that is critical, and that is the people. Here again it seems that Peterson recognizes that fact and has a small but highly competent and dedicated workforce to capitalize on the synergies that exist when man and machine interface in unison to achieve a common goal.”

    -Joel Betts, Retired Metallurgical Engineer
    U.S. Steel Corporation

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