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Proudly Made In The USA

Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge manufacturers the highest quality Match-Grade Brass and Precision Ammunition.

Match-Grade Brass

Match-Grade Brass

Match-Grade Brass rifle casings manufactured on our new, state-of-the-art cutting-edge case line.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Our goal is to produce extremely consistent, American-Made brass casings which are designed around, and for, long-distance shooters.

How We Make Brass

We've broken down the brass casing manufacturing process, known as drawing brass, from the initial coils that our brass supplier starts with all the way through our finished product before it is delivered to you.

Drawing Brass At Peterson Cartridge

Our Newest Calibers

See what our customers are saying


6.5 CM Brass

Have always used the overpriced "premium" brass of other makers when building serious loads.

After discovering and using the Peterson cases, I need look no farther---excellent brass....and nice touch on the packaging.

Only reason for review not being 5 star is that I would like to see the Peterson line add a few more calibers to their quality line.

Phillip T. - 6.5 CM Brass

1st Match

All I did was run it through a Full Length Match Grade Sizing die, primed, loaded and set the bullet and shot a 566 12X. My second highest score in F Class. I will continue to replace my old brass with Peterson.

Roger B.

Uniform + Velocity Boost

Case weight variance was about .1 grain from case to case and length was within 1 thousandth. Out of the box, I was very happy with consistency. No trimming needed, just ran through neck-sizer die.

I did a Satterle load workup with 10 shots @ 100 yards Peterson brass gained 50+ fps compared to Hornady Brass. Normally I run 140gr ELDs with xxgr of H4350 and 210M primers and get 2,793fps. With Peterson brass that same charge yielded 2,840fps.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of the significant change in velocity, the accuracy node changed, and I had to do a completely new workup. I don't recommend duplicating loads from previous brass.

Bill B.

Great Brass equals Great Loads

I purchased this after several reviews. I typically only use Lapua Brass because it’s the best and after reading about Peterson I gave it a try. Very good quality and cheaper than Lapua. I like the free 50 round ammo box it comes in. Will buy more in the future.

Nicholas Y.

Peterson 260 Rem SRP brass

No need to sort brass by weight, there all within 1/2 grain. No need to debur flash holes, there are no burrs. The brass is even chamfered, and full length sized. I guess you could load these right out of the box...the box that is a nice plastic ammo box like I usually buy to hold my ammo. This will be the only brass I buy for precision rifle from now own. It cost twice as much, but it really is that much better.

Christopher S.

260 R SRP

After taking meticulous measurements of unforced brass, I am truly impressed. Consistency is on par or better than Lapua brass and you have the added benefits of the shipping container quality for reuse. Made in the USA and a better price tag. No one equals the value, period.

David K.

Peterson 260 SRP

I bought 50, then another 50 a couple weeks later and I am ordering another 50 to give me enough to shoot our F Class state championship. I have twice fired the 100 I have, and all the pockets are still tight, and the body isn’t stretching much at all. The BTSL new was several thousandth’s shorter than my chamber and it’s taken two firings to get them fully formed. I do not see that as a bad thing though. The flash hole is very small and bent the pin on my Lee universal de-capper, so I opened them up a little when I beveled the inside edge (even though it probably didn’t bevel). I noticed right away that my SD looked good even while fire forming. Group size at 500-1000 yards has left me very impressed, enough I’ve moved my Lapua LRP to second string.

Derald M.

Best consistency

The Peterson brass far exceeds the quality of any other brass I have used in the past 2 years - even Lapua. The brass arrived in great shape, had consistent weights, minimal neck runout, heavier than expected, and perfectly annealed. I will be ordering more Peterson brass in other calibers. Thanks, Peterson!!

Gary W.

Quality brass

Probably the best brass out there. Only ADG comes close to the performance of this brass. Good value.

Chris P.

Made By Shooters, For Shooters

King of 1 Mile, 2 Mile, PRS

We Are Committed To Shooters

We want to make the best brass for long-distance shooters! With this in mind we are the Official Brass Sponsor of the King of 1 Mile, King of 2 Miles, and the Precision Rifle Series (PRS).

If you have any feedback on our products or need any more information please feel free to Contact Us Here.

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.