Match-Grade Brass Rifle Casings

Crafted and tested using the finest raw materials, manufacturing machinery, and inspection equipment available.

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.308 Winchester Brass Rifle Casing for Reloaders

.308 Winchester Match-Grade Casing

Top Quality Brass

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.260 Remington Brass Rifle Casing for Reloaders

.260 Remington Brass Casing

Precision Crafted Casing

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.338 Lapua Magnum Brass Casing for Reloaders

.338 Lapua Magnum Brass Casing

Thoroughly Tested And Proven

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Peterson Brass Rifle Casings for Reloaders

Peterson Brass Casing Line

One Of The Best In Match-Grade Brass

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  • "Bought 250 rounds of .308 brass. The only thing I can say is, "Fantastic". It's the most perfect product I have seen.”

    -George K

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