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Lightning Strikes Twice

For the second time in seven months Bruce Teel is the 600-yard National Champion for the National Bench Rest Shooters Association (NBRSA). Bruce won his first championship in October of 2021 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, then returned there in April of 2022 to successfully defend his title. For both of these events Bruce was using Peterson 6BR brass that he fire-formed to 6BRA.

Peterson Cartridge Challenge 2022

Peterson Cartridge is hosting their 2022 Challenge from August 12th through the 14th.

Sonoma Mule Deer

What to Do When You Don’t Draw Your Tag

Well, you just got the results from your Arizona trophy elk unit lottery, and you didn’t draw. The same thing happened last week in Nevada. And the week before that for Wyoming. Now what do you do?

Vortex Vengance

2022 Vortex Vengeance Photos

Photo gallery from the 2022 Vortex Vengeance.

Spring 2022 Matches

Early Spring 2022 Matches - Photo Gallery

Peterson Cartridge shooters have been busy this year, check out these photos from the early Spring 2022 matches.

.300 PRC Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge introduces .300 PRC

Introduced to the shooting world in 2018 by Hornady, the PRC in .300 PRC stands for “Precision Rifle Cartridge”.  This new cartridge features a .532” head diameter, a 30-degree shoulder and unlike previous generations of magnum rifle cartridges, has no belt. 

Black Bear Hunt

Spring Bear: An Off-Season Adventure Opportunity

The first hint of spring in western Pennsylvania will cause most outdoorsmen to turn their thoughts to cold, clear trout streams and dense hardwood ridges booming with the echoing gobble of eastern thunder chickens. But I’ve never been much for turkey hunting and, while I do enjoy casting a fly into the waters of the Laurel Mountains or Allegheny National Forest, the greening of the grass and the budding of the trees sends my mind in a more westerly direction. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, black bears held a place of awe in my psyche. They were the biggest predators in our woods and just seeing one gave you months of bragging rights with your friends.

Spearpoint Ranch

Peterson Cartridge Claims Top Spots at Spearpoint Ranch

Among some of the best shooters in the world were Peterson Cartridge Pro Shooter, Paul Phillips, and Peterson Cartridge customer, Shane Bryan.

Hunter Type

Which Type of Hunter Are You?

In modern society, the word hunter is used as a blanket description for a very large segment of our population.  Should that be the case? Are all hunters created equal? We would argue that there are four basic archetypes in the hunting world.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Peterson Cartridge Announces Support of RMEF Three Rivers Chapter

At their annual Big Game Banquet, held the last Saturday in February, Peterson Cartridge employees and their families volunteered their time and brought with them ammunition donations for auction and raffle prizes. With nearly five hundred people in attendance the evening was a great success and over $200,000 was raised for conservation efforts.

5 shots center

Will Competing in Target Shooting Make You a Better Hunter?

Every fall over one hundred million hunters take to the woods, mountains, and fields across our great country. It is a time-honored tradition that goes back generations and one that is woven into the fabric of America. Memories will be made, old stories will be recounted, and a lot of truths will be stretched. Handshakes and congratulatory pats on the back await those who emerge victorious while conciliatory words and some good-natured ribbing are on the menu for those eating tag soup.