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Peterson Cartridge: A More Human Company

Marketing and advertising in the firearms and ammunition industry follows a pretty basic formula: highlight your product in a tactical or hunting situation, publish some statistics about how badass it is, tell customers where they can buy it, then make the product available. It is a model that has worked for over a century, and it is a model that I am sure will work far into the future. After all, firearms and ammunition are badass. The problem with this model is that every company in this industry uses it. Our customers are bombarded by a never-ending stream of content telling them that this caliber is better than that one, this gun will make you a better shooter, or this load is more accurate.

No company writes their ads with the intent of lying to or misleading their customers. There must be some truth in what their message says. Otherwise, the consumers in this industry will see through the bull and credibility will be lost. So, how do you know what is fact and what is fiction? Especially when just about any statement can be viewed as truth when looked at from a certain point of view.

With that in mind, we at Peterson Cartridge pride ourselves on the way we have always communicated our message to our customers. We will certainly announce our successes, but we’ve never been afraid to discuss our struggles. Our pictures, videos, and ads feature real people, our employees, their families, our sponsored shooters, or our customers. We realize our customer base is diverse. We always seek to embrace our differences while building a sense of community and developing enthusiasm for our brand. You will never see us using superlatives to describe ourselves or our products. We don’t boast about being “the best” or having “superior products”. We simply do our jobs to the best of our abilities and let our customers decide what to think.

This newsletter highlights how we operate as a company. Our photo gallery features Isaac Schnur, the 8-year-old son of our lead cell operator, Nick Schnur. This is Isaac’s first year competing in Know Your Limits (KYL) matches and he is tearing it up. We’ve also thrown in a few pictures from our recent trip to Wyoming and South Dakota where we procured some much-needed raw materials. This month’s article on conservation also marks the first time we have written about a topic not directly related to our products. Also, be on the lookout for social media posts from our General Manager, Aaron Kochick and our Controller, Zach Loeffler. Both are working on developing loads for their own new rifle builds.

We sincerely hope you like our approach and we look forward to reading your comments and answering any questions you may have.

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