Technical Articles

Peterson Has New Coating

6.5mm Hornady 147 Grain ELD Match bullets inserted and extracted from uncoated Peterson 6.5 Creedmoor casings with inside neck chamfered.

Chamfering the mouths of casings, prior to loading them with a bullet, has been a topic of debate in the reloading community since reloading became popular with private consumers. Does it make a difference in accuracy or consistency of bullet seating depth? Does it make a difference in how accurate your handloads perform? Does it prevent the bullet from having its’ jacket scarred up when it is inserted into the casing?

 On the surface, it makes sense to chamfer the mouths of casings to prevent any burrs (which were produced from over-all-length trimming at the factory) from catching on the bullet jacket during loading. Since, on the surface, that theory seems to make sense, when we first started producing casings for hand loaders, we decided it was necessary to chamfer the inside of the casing mouths prior to packaging and shipping them to our customers.

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Peterson Cartridge Product Changes


At Peterson Cartridge Co. we really do listen to the feedback we receive from our customers. And we make improvements to our casings based on your recommendations. As a result, aspects of our casings change from time to time. Some of the changes could require you to revise your load for optimum performance at the target.

To keep you apprised of any improvements we make, we provide the below-listed chart, showing the different versions, and when they were instituted.

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Tight Primer Pockets

Internal Volume of Brass Case

Regarding the Peterson .308 family of casings, in large-rifle-primer size, your primer pockets seem tighter than others?

On the first firing of a cartridge, whether it is ours or most others, the primer pocket diameter opens up about .0007 of an inch. SAAMI spec for large rifle primer pocket diameter is .2085 to .2100.

Our pocket diameters start out .2075 to .2078. So prior to its first firing our primer pocket diameters are slightly tighter than the bottom of spec. If we started out at the SAAMI min diameter, after your first shot you’d be in the middle of spec, or higher depending on how hot your load is.

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Test Results On Peterson’s .300 Norma Casing

Internal Volume of Brass Case

At the 2017 SHOT Show a customer came to Peterson and expressed interest in a .300 Norma case that could hold substantially higher pressures than existing casings in that caliber. So that is what the development team at Peterson set out to achieve. And they did it. 

The cartridge is CIP registered, with a max pressure of 63,800 psi. Peterson’s customer wanted a casing that could withstand 75,000 to 80,000 psi, without the primer pockets loosening, or showing other signs of overpressure. In addition the customer wanted a standard deviation on the muzzle velocity as low as 10 to 15.

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