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Which Type of Hunter Are You?

HunterIn modern society, the word hunter is used as a blanket description for a very large segment of our population.  Should that be the case? Are all hunters created equal? We would argue that there are four basic archetypes in the hunting world.

  1. Opening Day
  • Waits until the night before the season opens to buy license and gear
  • Shops for equipment at Walmart, Dunham’s, Rural King, etc.
  • Doesn’t care about brand or quality, just wants whatever is cheap
  • Hunts opening day and maybe 2-3 more days per year
  • Annual hunting expenditures: less than $1000
  1. Mainstream
  • Buys license and tags the day they go on sale
  • Shops for equipment and gear year-round, but watches for sales
  • Shops at Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, local gun shops
  • Looks for specific brands but will switch if the price is right
  • Hunts as many days and seasons as possible in their home state
  • Tries to go on an out of state hunt every year or two
  • Annual hunting expenditures: up to $10,000
  1. Adventure Hunter
  • Buys multiple license and tags throughout the year
  • Buys equipment and gear year-round, often labeled a gear junkie
  • Shops at Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, local shops, destination shops, online
  • Extremely brand aware and focused on quality
  • Most active group on social media, both good and bad
  • Hunts as often as possible in multiple states/countries for multiple species
  • Could be divided into two subgroups: those looking to become internet famous and those who love to hunt
  • Annual hunting expenditures: $10K - $100K
  1. Gentlemen Trophy Hunters
  • Buys multiple licenses and tags throughout the year
  • Buys equipment and gear year-round
  • Shops at all high-end hunting retailers and shows (SCI, RMEF, WSF)
  • Only buys what is perceived to be “THE BEST”
  • Doesn’t consider cost when buying
  • Brand aware with focus on brand equity
  • Hunts several states/countries/continents annually for several species
  • Annual hunting expenditures: $100K or greater

An argument could be made that there is a fifth type, one that doesn’t observe game laws, doesn’t follow the North American Model of Conservation, and only hunts for the thrill of killing. In our opinion, those individuals do not constitute hunters and are unworthy of consideration.

Certainly, this is only a summation. It is entirely possible to identify with characteristics from each category. We would also like to be clear that no one type is any better than another, just different. The important thing to remember is that we are all part of one community and it is essential that we all help to pass along and protect our hunting heritage.

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