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Peterson Cartridge Introduces 7mm Weatherby Magnum

7mm Weatherby MagnumPittsburgh, PA (February 2022) – Peterson Cartridge Co. of Pittsburgh, PA announces the addition of 7mm Weatherby Magnum to its growing family of rifle casing calibers.

Developed by Roy Weatherby in the 1940’s and becoming commercially and culturally popular in the 1950’s, the 7mm Weatherby Magnum is considered one of the best one-rifle cartridges for long distance shooting.  One of the original belted magnums it has the characteristic Weatherby double radius shoulder and is ideal for large game such as grizzly, brown bear, moose, and bison.  It is also perfectly suited for African and Australian plains game.  The 7mm Weatherby Magnum is an ultra-high velocity cartridge best used with barrels with a 1x10 twist rate.


“When people think of big rifle cartridges this is one that comes to mind,” explains Derek Peterson, president of Peterson Cartridge.  “I would argue that it is also perhaps the most versatile.  It can be used in the whitetail woods of Pennsylvania, chasing elk in the Rockies, or stalking kudu on the Serengeti.  We felt that producing brass casings for such an adaptable caliber would benefit hunters around the world.  Try some for yourself and let us know how we did.”

About Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match-grade, brass rifle casings and loaded ammunition that is among the most precise and consistent on the market, delivering discerning long-distance shooters sub-MOA accuracy.  For more information on Peterson Cartridge or to purchase its match-grade brass casings, or loaded ammunition, visit

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Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.