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The Ladies and Peterson Cartridge Reign at the 2021 King of 2 Mile

King of 2 MileOver the past three days, from September 27th to the 29th, the NRA Whittington Center and the town of Raton, located in the mountains of northeastern New Mexico, played host to dozens of the best extreme long range(ELR) shooters in the world. They had gathered there to compete in what many consider the Olympics of ELR, the 2021 King of 2 Mile.

King of 2 Mile is a multi-day competition in which shooters must hit targets at increasing distances out to two miles. Bang the steel and move on, or miss and go home. This year, after the dust settled, three of the top five shooters were using Peterson Cartridge brass. Lindsey Paul, who was crowned King or rather Queen, became the first shooter to ever have multiple impacts on the two mile target, hitting it three out of five times. Ryan Cheney, who Lindsey credits with pushing her to perform at her best, took second. Peterson Cartridge sponsored shooter, and the second female shooter to finish in the Top 5 this year, Rei Hoang, placed fifth. Lindsey, Ryan, and Rei all use the Peterson Cartridge 375 CheyTac casing.

We at Peterson Cartridge would like to applaud all of this year's shooters and say a special congratulations to Lindsey, Ryan, and Rei. We love it when our products help shooters achieve their goals and we have no doubt we will be celebrating future successes with all of you!

Lindsey's Winning Set Up

  • Alamo Precision Rifles
  • Peterson 375 CT with Cutting Edge 400gr Lazer bullets
  • Stiller Tac 408 action
  • K&P 34" barrel
  • Terminator T5 brake
  • Jewell Trigger
  • McMillan Beast stock

Photos courtesy of King of 2 Mile

King of 2 mile shooting     King of 2 mile trophy     King of 2 mile carrying


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