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Peterson Cartridge adds Belted Magnum Basic Brass

Belted Magnum Basic BrassPittsburgh, PA (April 19, 2021) – Peterson Cartridge Co. of Pittsburgh, PA today announced it is now offering Basic Brass in the Belted Magnum calibers.

Peterson Cartridge makes finished casings in the popular belted magnum calibers, like .300 Win Mag. and 7mm Rem Mag. According to president Derek Peterson, “We’re now offering belted magnum basic brass for those customers who want to form it into their favorite belted caliber.”

Common belted calibers that the basic brass can be formed into include:

  • .350 Rem Mag.
  • .338 Win Mag.
  • 8mm Rem Mag.
  • .264 Win Mag.
  • 5 Rem Mag.
  • .300 H & H Mag.

Dimensions of Peterson Cartridge Basic Brass:

  • Head diameter: .528”
  • Overall Length: 2.89”  
  • Opening at mouth: .494”

Belted Magnum Basic Brass

Peterson concluded, “If you have a magnum caliber gun you can’t get brass for, or if you just like to experiment, see if our belted magnum basic brass can get you the outcome you are looking for.”

About Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match-grade, brass rifle casings and loaded ammunition that is among the most precise and consistent on the market, delivering discerning long-distance shooters sub-MOA accuracy. For more information on Peterson Cartridge or to purchase its match-grade brass casings, or loaded ammunition, visit 

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Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.