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Peterson Cartridge makes CheyTac-caliber casings

(September 2016)

Making the .408 (10.36 x 77) and the .375 (9.5 x 77) easily accessible:

The *CheyTac® calibers are valuable and productive rounds and deserve to be in service, for the traits they possess. As of the fourth quarter 2016, Peterson Cartridge has brass cases for guns chambered in both the .408 (10.36 x 77) and the .375 (9.5 x 77). The Peterson cases use metric designations. The 10.36 x 77 designation can replace the .408, and the designation 9.5 x 77 is equivalent to the .375.

The Story of Peterson Cartridge developing a superior brass casing:

As you may know, the larger the caliber the harder it is to make consistent, high quality casings. The .408 (10.36 x 77) and the .375 (9.5 x 77) were no exception. Our tooling development team spent 17 long months and over 1,000 man-hours, and produced 49 different iterations of dies and stems before landing on the best combination to make a casing we believe to be superior to the other casings commonly used in *CheyTac® chambered guns.

The goal we set for ourselves was to produce .408 (10.36 x 77) and .375 (9.5 x 77) casings with hardness values throughout the head and sidewalls as close as possible to standard hardness values we used for our .338 Lapua Mag and the values of Lapua’s .338. Our ballistician has repeatedly gotten as many as 15 reloads from our casings without sticking, neck splits or head separation.

Our aim is to provide the industry with the means to once-and-for-all get the whole weapon system in these calibers active for anyone that wants to use it. Although we only produce casings, we are working to support and promote a ready supply of all the necessary components to help both these calibers be easy to get and use.

Fits your gun:

Peterson Cartridge casings were designed to fit in guns made with chamber reamers from Pacific Tool, as well as reamers from JGS Precision, and guns made in accordance with the international, CIP specifications,


The lack of ammunition, made with high quality cases, has been a sticking point for shooters in these calibers for a very long time. With Peterson Cartridge making the brass abundant, loaders that want to load whole rounds will have a ready supply of casings.

Peterson cases will work with existing reloading dies.

About Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match-grade, brass rifle casings that is among the most precise and consistent on the market, delivering discerning long-distance shooters sub-MOA accuracy. For more information on Peterson Cartridge or to purchase its match-grade brass casings, visit 

* CheyTac is a registered trademark of CheyTac USA LLC. Peterson Cartridge is not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by CheyTac USA.             

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.