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Peterson now making .284 Win brass, sold exclusively through Graf & Sons.

Indianapolis, IN (April25, 2019) Today, at the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits in Indianapolis, IN, Peterson Cartridge Co. of Pittsburgh, PA announced the introduction of its .284 Winchester casings.

About a year ago our friends at Graf & Sons asked us if we would make .284 Winchester casings, to be sold exclusively through Graf.

When a casing manufacturer sets out to make a new caliber there can be a number of hurdles that need crossed. Sometimes it is difficult finding the best cup with just the right amount of metal or the ideal base thickness, hardness or wall height. We might need to modify the manufacturing equipment because this case has a feature unlike other casings we make. Or maybe after the first several iterations, your tooling produces a good product but the scrap rate is too high, or the run rate is too slow, so it is back to the drawing board redesigning tooling. With the .284 Winchester we encountered most of those issues. But after the travail of getting everything just right we now are producing really good .284 Winchester casings.

At Peterson Cartridge, when we set out to develop tooling to make a new caliber, we come up with a code name for our CAD drawings and tool markings so others don’t know what caliber we are working on. The code name we chose for the .284 Win was COMEBACK.

Introduced by Winchester in 1963, the.284 Win had some initial popularity, but never really took off … until recently. Now it is becoming a favorite of long-range competitive shooters. The .284 is making a COMEBACK.

If you are an appreciator of the many merits of .284 Win, now you can get all the .284 brass you want by going to Made by Peterson – sold exclusively through Graf & Sons.

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.