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Peterson Cartridge Named The Official Brass Of 2019 Precision Rifle Series Season

Peterson Cartridge Precision Rifle Series Official Brass 2019Jackson, TN. – Precision Rifle Series (PRS) LLC., the preeminent precision rifle organization in the world, dedicated to the promotion and growth of the sport of competitive precision rifle shooting, is thrilled to welcome Peterson Cartridge as the Official Brass of the 2019 Precision Rifle Series Season.

“We are eager to officially announce our 2019 partnership with Peterson Cartridge as the Official Brass of the Precision Rifle Series! The ambition and passion behind the Peterson Cartridge brand, their commitment to producing extremely consistent American made brass rifle casings for PRS competitors, and their dedication to the PRS community make them extraordinary partners of the largest precision rifle organization in the world.” said PRS Owner and Director Shannon Kay.

The Peterson Cartridge team has been working alongside PRS competitors and listening to their feedback. You will not find a group of more dedicated and energetic professionals, we are grateful for their support of and involvement in the PRS.

This year Peterson will be kicking off the season by supporting every single one of the 40 National PRS Pro Series competitions, putting incredible certificates for Peterson Brass on every single prize table, with $1000 worth of brass going to each PRS Pro Series Qualifier in addition to continuing their outreach to the shooters of the PRS. We cannot thank their team enough for their enthusiasm and unrivaled support of the Precision Rifle Series.

The PRS also looks forward to working with the Peterson team to successfully leverage the partnership to directly support membership, elevate national pro series competitions, and grow the sport. The PRS will host 40 of the most renowned national level precision rifle competitions in the nation, with the 2019 PRS Finale taking place from November 15 -17 where Peterson Cartridge will be sponsoring the event.

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About Peterson Cartridge

Peterson Cartridge is dedicated to producing the best casings for long-distance shooters. Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Derek Peterson and his two business partners, Peterson Cartridge was built with one main goal. That goal is to produce extremely consistent, American-Made brass rifle casings which are designed around, and for, long-distance shooters.

In our mind, if you want precision projectiles, purchase them from a company that specializes in projectiles. If you want consistent propellant and primers, purchase them from a company that specializes in propellant and primers. And if you want extremely precise and consistent brass rifle casings, purchase them from us, Peterson Cartridge.


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Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.