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Match-Grade Brass

338 Side ViewYou are at the bench with the riser of your custom .338 Lapua stock against your cheek, and the butt is comfortably adjusted in your shoulder pocket.   You give your breathing and heartrate a quick acknowledgment.  You focus the crosshairs as you blur out your distant target.  You become oblivious to everything else around you. One more breath, and a release of the tang safety.  Your index finger goes from pointing down range on the outside of your stock to a 90 degree angle inside the trigger guard.  Sight. Slack. Squeeze.  The sear releases on the two and a half pound custom trigger, your electronic muffs adjust to block the 160dB blast.  Then, your spotter to the left of you announces, "center punched" as your hearing protection readjusts to ambient sound.   You run the action and eject the spent casing and smile as it backflips to the ground.  The action is closed with a fresh reloaded round that was meticulously measured and prepped from the day before.  You repeat your first shot after sufficient cool-down time. Second round touches the first and the third round presents a perfect clover leaf.  You proudly rest your rifle with action open and safety on and high-five your partner in a congratulatory manner.

How was this accomplished?  By choosing nothing but the best.  You take your long distance shooting seriously.  Your custom rifle has a match-grade barrel and match-grade trigger, but most importantly you have taken your time to perfect your ammunition.  You've eliminated all your variables by selecting your match-grade bullet, primer, and powder, but your secret advantage is the precision manufactured match-grade casings from Peterson Cartridge.  You understand that shooting with conventional cartridge casings is like having a high-powered sports car that is slightly off alignment at 100 mph.

Peterson Cartridge has implemented state-of-the-art tooling and quality assurance standards at its state-of-the-art facility in Pittsburgh, PA.  The tooling produces the most stringent tolerances demanded by today's manufacturers, military, and competitive long-range shooters.  Peterson Cartridge is 75 years ahead of the standard cartridge manufacturers, which use machinery developed during WWII, with tolerance to meet multiple platforms with single use.  Cartridges produced at Peterson Cartridge are quality control inspected to meet consistent weight, OAL, and concentric diameters and placement of the neck, primer pocket, and flash hole. Combined with today’s advancements in metallurgy and manufacturing, each case produced by Peterson Cartridge can be resized and reloaded time and time again. 

About the author

Ben Preston

Ben Preston

Ben Preston serves as Inspection and Shipping Manager at Peterson Cartridge.  In this role, Ben is responsible for a stringent visual inspection process where he checks that every casing is free of defect.  Ben oversees incoming and finished goods inventory and works to meet shipping deadlines.

Ben is an avid hunter and shooter with a passion and appreciation for high quality cartridges. 

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.