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Shooting Analogies

TargetBeing in the ammo business you tend to notice every time people use gun or ammo related analogies in their every-day speech. It is surprising how prevalent it is.  For no particular reason, a year or two ago, we started writing them down onto what became our Master List of Shooting Analogies.

For your enjoyment we decided to “pull the trigger” on posting our “master list.” Post back if you know of others we should include on the list.

Gun related

  • He came out with guns blazing
  • No smoking gun
  • Gun shy
  • Sticking to his guns
  • Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight
  • Even if you put a gun to his head
  • Don’t jump the gun
  • Shotgun weddings
  • He’s a real pistol

Gun parts

  • Decided to pull the trigger on …
  • He’s got his finger on the trigger
  • Trigger happy
  • Staring down the barrel at …

Bullet and ammo related

  • The plan is bullet proof
  • Bite the bullet
  • Dodged a bullet
  • That gives him ammunition to …
  • The whole nine yards
  • Just shooting blanks

Targets and sights

  • We are on target to …
  • In our cross hairs
  • Set his sights on …
  • Take aim
  • Missed the mark
  • Bullseye on his back
  • Scope it out

Shooting related

  • It’s a long shot
  • A shot in the dark
  • Shooting from the hip
  • A near miss
  • That’s the whole shooting match
  • He’s a straight shooter


  • The trajectory of our progress
  • Going off half-cocked
  • Well-armed
  • Forewarned is forearmed
  • Caught in a crossfire
  • The caliber of the management team
  • In our arsenal

So, that’s the whole shooting match. We hope we didn’t jump the gun and present this list half-cocked.  Let us know if you think we were shooting from the hip, and missed the mark.

About the author

Ben Preston

Ben Preston

Ben Preston serves as Inspection and Shipping Manager at Peterson Cartridge.  In this role, Ben is responsible for a stringent visual inspection process where he checks that every casing is free of defect.  Ben oversees incoming and finished goods inventory and works to meet shipping deadlines.

Ben is an avid hunter and shooter with a passion and appreciation for high quality cartridges. 

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.