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.30-06 Sprg

A while back we received a “complaint” where an older gentleman contacted us and asked, “Why do you make so many weird/odd calibers no one ever heard of, instead of the “normal, common” calibers?”

Here at Peterson Cartridge, we do a good business in “competition” calibers like those used for Precision Rifle Series (PRS), Extreme Long Range (ELR), Bench Rest competitions, F-Class competitions, etc.

Regardless of the final use of our casings, hunting, target, or competition, each and every Peterson casing is built to match-grade specifications. This is one of the reasons why we offer some of our calibers, like .243, .260, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308, in small rifle primer pocket size (SRP) for shooters who use these “hunting” calibers in competition. But, for you hunters who need dependable primer ignition in low temperature conditions, we also offer these with large rifle primer pockets (LRP).

Of historical interest, the .30-06 Springfield was the nation’s first 1,000-yard competition caliber. But today it is more thought of as simply one of the most popular sporting cartridges in the world. From woodchuck, to deer, to bear, the 30-06 Sprg has you covered.

Another driver behind us coming out with the .30-06 Sprg is that we have a customer who loads .30-06 blanks – like they use at military funerals or in movies. To make casings that can be used to form “blank” rounds the necks need to be much longer than what is used for a normal round. This is why we also now offer .30-06 Sprg casings which can be used to make .30-06 blanks.

So, for any customers who wish we made more of the “Normal, Common” calibers … here you go - .30-06 Springfield, one of the most common calibers there is.

Additional Information

Warning: Only use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings in firearms in good condition, designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Do not use Peterson Cartridge Co casings for “fire forming” or any other purpose other than what they were designed and tested for. Peterson retains no responsibility for the enclosed casings if they are used outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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