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.280 Rem

The .280 Remington is still so popular that most American rifle makers have a .280 Rem in their catalogue.

With good shot placement, the .280 Rem is suitable for hunting any game in North America.

In the hands of an expert shooter, and if the rate-of-twist is correct for the projectile, the .280 Rem can be effective out to 1,000 yds.

In recent years, the availability of high ballistic coefficient 7mm bullets has reinvigorated interest in the .280 Rem.

The .280 Remington is a good all-round medium-game cartridge, with less recoil than a .30-06. If you have one, please try our .280 Rem brass or loaded ammo, and let us know what you think.

Additional Information

Warning: Only use Peterson Cartridge Co. casings in firearms in good condition, designed, marked, and chambered for this cartridge. Do not use Peterson Cartridge Co casings for “fire forming” or any other purpose other than what they were designed and tested for. Peterson retains no responsibility for the enclosed casings if they are used outside of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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