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Peterson Cartridge Brass Rifle Casing Manufacturing FacilityPeterson Cartridge is dedicated to producing the best casings for long-distance shooters.

Founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Derek Peterson and his two business partners, Peterson Cartridge was built with one main goal. That goal is to produce extremely consistent, American-Made brass rifle casings which are designed around, and for, long-distance shooters.

Unlike most of its competitors, Peterson Cartridge has devoted its entire facility, machinery, and laboratory to producing only brass rifle casings. Specialization is the driving principle behind Peterson Cartridge only producing one component of a multi-component finished product.

In our mind, if you want precision projectiles, purchase them from a company that specializes in projectiles. If you want consistent propellant and primers, purchase them from a company that specializes in propellant and primers. And if you want extremely precise and consistent brass rifle casings, purchase them from us, Peterson Cartridge.

We are a proud member of the Peterson Brothers, Inc. team and are made with pride, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

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Management Team

Derek Peterson President

Derek Peterson is the founder/owner/manager of Peterson Cartridge Company. Born in Western Pennsylvania, Derek chose to harness his passion for shooting to found Peterson Cartridge Company. Derek is a current member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation as well as a Life Member of the NRA.

Derek Peterson President of Peterson Cartridge


Frank LeDonne Controller

Frank LeDonne is the Controller at Peterson Cartridge. Before coming to Peterson Cartridge, Frank worked as the director of accounting and finance for a privately held waste brokerage company. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Frank holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.

Frank LeDonne, Controller


Joe Coury Director of Development

Joe Coury serves as the director of development for Peterson Cartridge. In this role, Joe is responsible for building strong relationships with OEM customers, cultivating strategic alliances with industry partners and setting the overall sales and marketing strategy. Joe brings more than two decades of international sales and marketing leadership experience to his position at Peterson Cartridge. Most recently, Joe served as a defense industry consultant, with an emphasis in the US, Middle East and Brazil, for a variety of contractors, including global firearms, ammunition and weapon system manufacturers.

Joe frequently presents at industry events including Shot Show, the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) and the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Expo, and is an active member of the AUSA, National Rifle Association (NRA) and Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA). He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Blue Strong, a non-profit organization dedicated to US law enforcement appreciation, and Down Town Dogs, a Tennessee-based animal shelter.

Having directed the purchase of millions of ammunition components in his career, Joe joined Peterson Cartridge because “the product quality is the best I’ve ever seen.”


Joe Coury

Stan Hoover Ballistician

Stan Hoover is the ballistician for Peterson Cartridge. In this role, Stan is in charge of the company’s in-house gun range where he performs live-fire testing of casings in different guns to confirm a good shooter experience. In addition, Stan uses the Universal Receiver to conduct pressure tests to ensure product quality and shooter safety. Prior to joining the company, Stan spent more than three decades as an engineer with a global manufacturing company. He has shot and reloaded ammunition since 1972.

A life member of the North Side Sportsmen’s Association in Western Pa., Stan has served as the organization’s Rifle Range Chairman since 2012. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.



Zach Aaron Quality Manager

Zach Aaron serves as the Quality Manager for Peterson Cartridge. In this role, Zach is responsible for ensuring every cartridge shipped to customers meets the company’s stringent quality standards. He leads finished product inspection and oversees process controls in the manufacturing function. Prior to joining the company, Zach was the lead lab technician for a global manufacturer of ground control products for the mining industry, where he managed and analyzed product quality data and was involved in new product development.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa., Zach earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Zach Aaron, Quality Manager for Peterson Cartridge




Ben Preston Inspection, Shipping and Marketing Manager

Ben Preston serves as Inspection and Shipping Manager at Peterson Cartridge.  In this role, Ben is responsible for a stringent visual inspection process where he checks that every casing is free of defect.  Ben oversees incoming and finished goods inventory and works to meet shipping deadlines.

Ben is an avid hunter and shooter with a passion and appreciation for high quality cartridges. 

Ben Preston




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