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Intimidation, Half-Truths and CheyTac®

(4th Quarter, 2020)

Recently we at Peterson Cartridge have received a number of calls from folks who make a business in products related to the CheyTac calibers. These callers report they are being threatened by the owner of CheyTac the company. He tells them they have to pay him a royalty to use the name CheyTac – which of course is not true. He tells them they are forbidden to use the name without his permission – which of course is not true. He tells them they have to cease and desist from making products in CheyTac related calibers – which of course is not true.

Here are the facts as we understand them:

  1. CheyTac USA, LLC has a trademark on the name CheyTac
  2. CheyTac USA, LLC has a patent on a projectile
  3. As of this writing, the current owner of the CheyTac USA, LLC assets is Blaine Campbell of Campbell Arms Mfg in Huntingdon, TN.

Regarding fact # 1:

Any company that wants to make a product in one of the CheyTac calibers can do so, as long as:

  • When you refer to the name CheyTac you acknowledge that the name is a trademark of CheyTac USA, LLC; and
  • You do not purport to be CheyTac the company; and
  • You call out that your company is not affiliated with CheyTac USA, LLC

For more information on correctly using the name CheyTac with your product or service see the paper titled, “Am I permitted to use the word CheyTac” and also “CheyTac trademark legal opinion” found at this website.

Regarding fact # 2:

In some cases the trademark owner claims or implies he has a patent on the CheyTac caliber – which is not true. Last we checked CheyTac USA, LLC has one patent. And it is on a projectile. There is no patent on the casing, or the whole round, or the chamber dimensions, and there can’t ever be one. There isn’t anything unique enough about the CheyTac caliber to warrant a patent. It is a typical bottle-neck brass case which is just a derivative of the .505 Gibbs, which has long been in the public domain.

The projectile we saw described by the patent issued to CheyTac USA, to our knowledge has never been commercially produced, and probably never will be. The surface had dimples and indentations like a golf ball. If you are loading traditional looking bullets made on a lathe or a bullet press you aren’t infringing that patent.

Let me say again – there is no patent on the CheyTac casing or caliber. And normal looking bullets of any shape or dimension don’t infringe CheyTac USA, LLC’s patent. It appears he is telling what people call a “half-truth.” Yes, there is a patent. It just doesn’t apply to what he claims it applies to.

Third intimidation tactic:

Then there is his fuzziest claim of all, that chamber sizes and ammo dimensions other than his will cause guns to blow up or casings to split. It is our understanding that Peterson Cartridge produces more CheyTac caliber casings than all the other makers of it put together. We designed the casings to work with chambers from all the major reamer makers. We sell these casings all over the world. And we have never encountered such a claim.

Prior to Peterson getting into the business there was a casing company in Australia that produced a lot of CheyTac-caliber casings. We’ve been told that there were quality issues with that brass. But it had nothing to do with chamber sizes or ammo dimensions.


If you are interested in specific information on how to legally make products in the CheyTac calibers go to and click on Technical and go to CheyTac Resources.

There you will find:

  • a short white paper prepared by our law firm on how Peterson Cartridge can legally refer to CheyTac-caliber related products,
  • background info on the creation of the CheyTac calibers,
  • a copy of our communication with the current owner of the CheyTac trademark, demonstrating that he knows the basis for his intimidation tactics are illegitimate.

We at Peterson Cartridge are interested in promoting the benefits of the CheyTac calibers and supporting all those who make products in these calibers. If we can help with a specific issue, or if you have additional questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Rick Peterson, Derek Peterson, Terry Peterson


CheyTac® is a registered trademark of CheyTac USA, LLC. Peterson Cartridge is not affiliated with or sponsored by CheyTac USA.

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