Quality Assurance

Stringent Testing, Maximum Quality

1. Cup Inspection

Visual Inspection
New brass cups are inspected visually for imperfections.

Brass Casing Cup Visual Inspection

Dimensional Measurements
Dimensional checks are performed on the new brass cups.

Brass Cup Dimension Check For Casings

The weight of the brass cups is verified.

Inspecting Weight Of Brass Cups


Composition Analysis
The chart below displays the metallurgical composition of the brass cups.

Copper 72.8000%
Zinc 27.1000%
Nickel 0.0210%
Lead 0.0081%
Iron 0.0075%
Bismuth 0.0040%
Antimony 0.0027%

Grain Structure
The photo below shows the brass cup’s grain structure.

Grain Structure Of a Brass Casing
Photo courtesy of George F. Vander Voort

Hardness Testing
A technician verifies the hardness of the brass cups.

Microhardness Testing For Brass Casings






2. In-Process Inspection

Visual Inspections
Drawn brass cups are visually inspected for imperfections.

Brass Casing In-Process Visual inspection

Dimensional Measurements
Drawn brass cups are measured to confirm proper dimensions.

In-process Brass Casing Dimensional Check

Wall Thickness
The thickness of the wall of the drawn brass cup is measured verify accuracy.

In-process Brass Casing Wall Thickness Test


Hardness Testing
The hardness of the drawn brass cup is measured to ensure quality.

Hardness Testing For Brass Casings

Grain Structure
A technician uses a microscope to check the grain structure of the drawn brass cup.

Grain Structure Of a Brass Casing






3. Batch Final Inspections

Casing Exterior Dimensions
The exterior dimensions of the casing are measured to verify accuracy.

Brass Cartridge Overall Length Testing

Primer Pocket Measurement
The primer pocket is measured to ensure accurate manufacturing.

Measuring The Brass Casing Primer Pocket

The cartridge is weighed to verify manufacturing specifications.

Measuring The Brass Casing Primer Pocket


Internal Volume
The internal volume of the cartridge is measured and verified.

Internal Volume Testing For Brass Casing

Webbing Thickness Measurement
A technician confirms the proper thickness of the cartridge’s webbing.

Casing Webbing Check

Neck Concentricity
A technician verifies the neck concentricity of the cartridge.

Neck Concentricity Testing For Brass Casing


Casing Hardness
A technician measures the hardness of the casing to ensure safety.

Microhardness Testing For Brass Casings

Internal Pressure Testing
The casing’s maximum internal pressure is tested to ensure safety.

Function Testing
The casing is tested in a firearm to verify functionality.

Casing Function Test Fire


Casing Dissection for Internal Dimensions
A technician dissects the final case to allow him to verify the internal dimensions.

Cutting Brass Casings In Half For Testing

Residue Testing
Casings are tested to verify they have no residue after manufacturing and washing.

Swab Testing Brass Casings