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Straight-walled brass tubes, ready for you to neck down.

In years past some casing manufacturers sold straight tubes like these, that they called “BASIC BRASS.” Peterson refers to its BASIC BRASS casings as Wildcat Tubes. 

Each Peterson Wildcat Tube starts with the same brass raw material as other Peterson rifle casings. We process them using the same draw tooling. The headstamp is blank, except for Peterson’s “P” inside a Keystone (a nod to the fact that we are located in Pittsburgh, PA; and PA is the Keystone State.)

We then insert the flash hole into the primer pocket. And finally we anneal what will become your mouth, neck and shoulder portion, to make necking-down easier for you. 

Wildcat Tubes               Wildcat Tubes

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The tooling you’ll need to make your wildcat caliber

Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Gauge has designed tooling packs for you to finish the Wildcat Tube into the caliber of your choosing. The PT&G tool pack includes:

  • Finish Chamber Reamer
  • Go / No-Go gauge
  • Resized Die Reamer
  • Die Blanks

Contact PT&G for pricing and other info on the tooling, at (541) 826-5808 or

How to select Peterson Wildcat Tubes

Peterson designates its tubes using two numbers.

  • The first is the outside diameter of the body at the base.
  • The second is the overall length.


An example from the Creedmoor family is: .468 X 2.175

The OD is .468 of an inch wide, and the tube is 2.175 inches tall.

Designation        Finished casings we make from tubes this diameter  

.468 X 2.175      .308 Win; .260 Rem; 6.5 Creedmoor; 6 Creedmoor; .243 Win; and 7mm-08


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Loading companies interested in large, bulk shipments contact Ben at or (724) 940-7552

Extremely consistent, American-made brass rifle casings and ammunition, designed for long-distance shooters.