Mark Fields

Mark Fields Firing Peterson Brass Casings At Competition

Mark Fields, All-Around Tactician

Mark is a former Marine from the state of Maryland. He is a Federal Police Officer/Supervisor and a top competitor in long-range shooting. Mark is extensively trained in SWAT tactics and is an instructor in the tactical arena. In his off time, Mark works as a tactical medic for Charles County Emergency Services located in Southern Maryland.

Mark’s Peterson Cartridge calibers of choice: .260 Remington, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and .338 Lapua.

“An accurate load starts with quality brass. The more uniform the brass, the better accuracy you can expect. Quality to me is the ability to be reloaded multiple times before the brass begins to show stress signs. We all want uniformity in the shape, weight, thickness, neck tension, shoulders and flash holes. This insures that every round can be loaded to the exact same specs. There are a lot of brass manufactures on the market and several of them are quality. I choose Peterson Brass because of its consistency, quality, customer service, pricing and I like the overall packaging of the product. Since I began using Peterson brass about 7 months ago I’ve notice better numbers on extreme spread and standard deviation.”

Mark Fields Firing Peterson Brass Casings At CompetitionUpcoming competitions:

  • April 29-30 - Alabama PRS Private, Childersburg, AL
  • May 5-7 - Buckeye Classic, Kimbolton,OH
  • May 27-29 - K&M Precision Rifle Competition, Finger, TN
  • August 4-6 - Mile High Shootout, Saguache, CO
  • August 12-13 - MPA Precision Rifle Shootout, Crawfordville, GA
  • September 2-3 - Grunt Style/Monster Energy PRS, Baker, FL
  • September 15-17- Big Dog Steel Precision Rifle Match, Kimbolton, OH
  • October 6-8 - K&M Precision Rifle Competition, Finger, TN
  • November 10-12 - Peacemaker Precision Shootout, Glengary, WV