Hunter Sykes

Hunter Sykes Firing Peterson Brass Casings At Competition

Hunter Sykes, Long-Distance Shooter

Hunter performs at the highest level in multiple firearm disciplines. He says that two of the most important things he has learned while shooting at this level are, “Never trust talent over practice”, and, “If your equipment doesn’t perform, it doesn’t matter how much practice you put in.” When it comes time to build a superior load for his 6.5 Creedmoor, Hunter trusts the quality and consistency of Peterson Match-Grade Brass.

Hunter’s Peterson Cartridge caliber of choice: 6.5 Creedmoor.

“Peterson Brass, The new leader in consistency has arrived.”

Hunter Sykes Firing Peterson Brass Casings At CompetitionUpcoming competitions:

  • May 27-29 - K&M Precision Rifle Challenge, Finger, TN
  • July 22-23 - K&M 3-Gun Shootout Championships, Finger, TN
  • July 29-30 - Peacemaker DMR Gas Gun Match, Glengary, WV
  • August 18-19 - 2017 Pro-Am Championship, Rockcastle, KY
  • September 2-3 – Grunt Style PRS Match, Baker, FL
  • September 30-October 1 – Practical Precision Rifle Challenge, Park City, KY
  • October 6-8 - K&M Precision Rifle Competition, Finger, TN
  • October 13-15 - PRS Gas Gun Finale, Park City, KY
  • October 19-21 - Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, Park City, KY
  • November 10-11 - 3GN Nationals, Alton, VA
  • November16-19 – Ft. Benning Multigun Challenge, Ft. Benning, GA